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Industry : Computers & Laptops

Client Based in : UK

Targeting : Whole United Kingdom


Success Case Study

A well-known company in the UK that buys nearly 1000’s of old laptops of any condition, any age and recycles them. Anyone who is looking for a good money for his old laptop can sell it here in few minutes & can get good money. This company buys all used laptops of nearly 30 major laptop brands in the UK.

Brief About Project

The client was already promoting/advertising through Google AdWords and generating good business. But, he was facing a problem with the performance. His business is to buy old laptops and recycle them. His advertising is not to sell their products, but, to purchase the old/used laptops in any conditions. So, it’s highly necessary for him to maintain the lowest possible cost per conversions and get more audience.

Target Audience

Getting/Targeting the citizens all over the UK who want to sell their used laptops and even electronic gadgets

  • Facing high cost of conversion
  • Currently managing the AdWords in-house by spending nearly £1000 only
  • The Client, who is looking to spend five times of his current spending but, wants to get control of the cost & better results.

Note: – The website URL is kept confidential because of NDA contract signed with the client.

Strategic Approach By Conversion Hats!

When the client awarded us the project, our team collected all the preliminary information from him and held a couple of meetings to understand his objectives and expectations from our team. Then, our team began performing the following strategic things.

Our team did the complete inspection of the client’s current AdWords campaign. Inspection by our team concluded the following tasks.

  • Picked all the negative keywords
  • Performed the fresh, thorough keyword analysis & competitor analysis for the client
  • Restructured the complete AdWords account with their the best practices
  • Framed themed ad groups for each and every laptop brand
  • Prepared 4 text variations for each ad groups with highly compelling approach
  • Daily optimization for the AdWords accounts & analyzing the performance on daily basis
  • Utilized the keywords & spy tools to gather more accurate elements for the client’s campaigns
  • Provided record-breaking performance to the client on continuous basis

Our team managed to break all the records for the client and gave an outstanding performance to him. Check out the results

we achieved:

  • Subject

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • CTR
  • Cost
  • Conversions
  • Cost per conversion
  • Conversion Rate
  • Before Conversion Hats!

  • 14,669
  • 782,464
  • 1.87%
  • $5,489.24
  • 184
  • $28.95
  • 1.30%
  • After Conversion Hats!

  • 22904
  • 371491
  • 6.17%
  • $10,472
  • 904
  • $11.93
  • 4.02%
Achievement By Our Team

The client was 100% happy & satisfied with our PPC Management Service and kept renewing our service continuously for nearly 24 months in the row and never had a single thought of shifting the PPC Agency. We are still maintaining the same performance for this client & we still retain their AdWords management contract with us!

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