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Industry: Jobs & Education

Client Based in: USA

Targeting: Whole United States



Conversion Rate Achieved


Success Case Study

The one of our clients, who is running a job portal website, based in the USA, just similar to,, etc. and want to get more and more registration of candidates wishing to get a job in the USA. His target is to cover the maximum amount of sign ups’ all over the United States and increase their overall revenue. So, the main goal of the client is to obtain the maximum amount of registrations on his job portal website.

Brief About Project

The client who is already running a Google AdWords accounts having a good conversion history since a couple of years. But, he was facing a problem as he did not have any professional PPC agency to manage efficiently on their behalf and take their AdWords account to the next level. He wanted to achieve the cost per sign up between $1.5 – $2.0 and so he wanted to hire a professional PPC agency for managing all paid advertising for him.

Target Audience:

Getting the job seekers & Employers from all over the United States to sign up on his website and use the jobs database. Any sign up by the job seeker or employer is considered to be a conversion. Our main focus was to get job seekers’ sign up. The focus was to get the maximum number of sign-ups as much possible.

Client situation:

  • The client was having an AdWords account which was in relatively good condition.
  • The challenge was to double the sign ups(conversion) for the client
  • The client has the efficiency to spend 10 times more than his current spending but, needs to maintain the cost per sign-up at the same level or better than that.

Note:- The website URL is kept confidential because of NDA contract signed with the client.

Strategic Approach By Conversion Hats!

The client approached our Team and had a detailed discussion with our PPC technicians to explain his requirements and targets. We had a meeting for almost 2 hours to understand the client’s requirements and decided the most profitable approach for him. We collected all the necessary information from the client. After all, our PPC team managed to convince the client, and we got the project awarded. He hired our certified PPC professionals on an hourly basis.

The project plan execution was started very next day, and we started performing following tasks:

  • Analyzed the complete performance of approx. 30 existing Adwords campaigns of the client.
  • We restructured each campaign step by step and started testing our approach.
  • Competitor’s research data was gathered and applied to each campaign.
  • New potential areas for the client were found, and we started to prepare campaigns for each area.
  • Took proper advantage of converting keywords
  • Started adding all negative keywords to save cost. Also added various negatives in each campaign.
  • Restructured the complete AdWords account with the best practices and split the account into approximately 30-40 campaigns.
  • Framed themed ad groups for each and every campaign.
  • Prepared 5 text variations for each ad-groups, with the highly compelling approach.
  • Daily optimization for the AdWords campaigns & analyzing the performance on daily basis.
  • Provided daily reporting on each task and work completed by us and also delivered performance reporting to the client on a weekly basis.

Our team managed to break all the records for the client and gave an outstanding performance to him. Check out the results

we achieved:

  •  Subject

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • CTR
  • Cost
  • Conversions
  • Cost per conversion
  • Conversion Rate
  • Before Conversion Hats!

  • 36,733
  • 3,269,130
  • 1.12%
  • $7,382.19
  • 3,012
  • $2.45
  • 8.20%
  • After Conversion Hats!

  • 82,946
  • 4,385,306
  • 1.89%
  • $18,154.14
  • 10,231
  • $1.77
  • 13.71%
Achievement By Our Team

The client was 200% happy with our 1-month performance. And he went ahead to hire another certified PPC professional from our team, on the full-time basis. And he assigned us 1 more project for managing AdWords Campaigns.

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